I spent the morning welding the horizontal and vertical rollers to the top of the tank.  My Nephew Harley gives me hand and we carried the top ring back up from the shop. Here we are getting ready to lift it into place. Notice the wide vinyl weather strip glued to the steel ring and tank. Here we are shoving the dome up the ramp.
And it's up! We just have to remove the 2x4s and coax it into alignment with the steel ring.  Inside view of the dome and steel top ring in place on the tank. Here you can see the horizontal and vertical rollers. They still need some adjustment, but they work fine.  This is why the observatory needs a warm room.
The middle of Feburary and I am pouring the steel pier full of cement. The pier is 12 inches in diameter. But, the pier is 14 feet tall, and the opening is on the 2nd floor. That's a lot of trips up and down those stairs. Here you can see the steel pier almost full. Just a couple more bucket loads. Who said Astronomy was all science and glamour?
  Three long lengths of re-bar go down into the wet cement.  And attached to the re-bar are three lengths of all thread rod. The plywood is a temporary support. Here is the warm room painted. I really like the way the faceted ceiling turned out.  And the steel tank wall inside, looks a lot better with some paint on it.
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