Layout for geodesic dome Layout for 4x8 sheets of 7/16" OSB  The pieces went together in just 2 evenings. I work from the inside, Liana works from the outside. The shape looks weird until it's done
Looking inside you see the sheet metal straps. They look kinda cool. With no glue to wait to dry, the process went fast. Attaching the straps with short sheet metal screws. Sitting on my chair inside the dome. Makes it look bigger.
5 pieces left to go, Now how am I to get out? Jobsite inspector voicing his opinion. It's getting dark inside the dome.  
Foundation for the Tank Preparing to move the Tank It looks bigger standing on end!  Sam does a great job!

The dome comes out of the shop Dome with doors closed Dome with doors open  Original Building Plans

 More progress photos on page 2

The bottom of the pier  Revised Building Plans 10/31/08  Computer Rendering  
 Last update, Oct 31, 2008